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About Us​

With a vision to inspire others to embark on their journey of self-care and inner exploration, our founders Sto and Shami Appleberry created a simple, one-page blog to share their pregnancy journey. This was August 2023.

However, as they poured their hearts and souls into adding more content, the vision started growing. 

Today, this humble vision has grown into more than just a website – it’s a community followed by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide, a guiding light, and a sanctuary for all seekers of true self-care. 

Sto and Shami

We show you how you can take care of you, So you can take better care of others

About International Self-Care Day

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire individuals toward a deeper connection with their true selves, fostering inner peace, great relationships, authentic joy, and profound balance.

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