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Free Self-Help Books: A Guide to Finding and Reading Them

Self-help books are a popular genre of books that aim to help people improve their personal or professional lives, cope with various challenges, or achieve their goals. Self-help books can cover topics such as self-esteem, success, productivity, emotional intelligence, motivation, relationships, and more.

But what if you don’t want to spend money on buying self-help books? Or what if you want to explore different options before committing to one book? Fortunately, there are many ways to find and read free self-help books online. In this blog post, we will share some of the best sources and tips for finding and reading free self-help books.

Why Read Free Self-Help Books?

There are many benefits to reading free self-help books, such as:

  • You can save money and time by not having to buy or borrow books from a library or a bookstore.
  • You can access a wide range of books on various topics and genres, and choose the ones that suit your needs and interests.
  • You can read the books at your own pace and convenience, on any device that has an internet connection.
  • You can learn from the experiences and insights of experts and authors who have overcome similar challenges or achieved similar goals as you.
  • You can apply the practical tools and tips from the books to your own life and see the results for yourself.

Where to Find Free Self-Help Books?

There are many websites and platforms that offer free self-help books, either in PDF format, online reading, or ebook download. Here are some of the most popular and reliable ones:

  • PublicBookshelf: This website has a self-help section where you can read free self-help books online. The books cover topics such as behavior, psychology, personal development, and emotional health.
  • FreeBooks: This website has 13 free self-help ebooks for downloading. The books cover topics such as living a healthy lifestyle, overcoming problems, and coping with relationship issues.
  • This website offers over 177 free self-help books, eBooks, and audiobooks. The books cover topics such as success, productivity, persuasion, and self-esteem.
  • Barnes & Noble: This website has a selection of free self-help books for their Nook ereader devices. The books cover topics such as health, mind, body, and self-help.
  • Health, Mind & Body: Self-Help: This website allows free online reading and downloads (PDF) of their self-help collection. The books cover topics such as stress management, mindfulness, happiness, confidence, and motivation.

How to Read Free Self-Help Books?

Reading free self-help books can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, if you follow some simple tips, such as:

  • Choose the books that resonate with you and your goals. Don’t just read a book because it is popular or recommended by someone else. Read the book description, reviews, and sample chapters to see if it matches your needs and interests.
  • Set a reading schedule and stick to it. Reading a book can take time and effort, so it is important to plan ahead and allocate some time for reading. You can set a daily, weekly, or monthly goal, depending on your availability and preference.
  • Take notes and highlight the key points. Reading a book is not enough, you also need to remember and apply what you learn. Taking notes and highlighting the key points can help you review and recall the information later. You can use a notebook, a digital app, or a bookmarking tool to organize your notes and highlights.
  • Apply what you learn to your own life. Reading a book is only the first step, the next step is to put the knowledge into action. Try to implement the tools and tips from the book to your own life and see the results for yourself. You can also track your progress and celebrate your achievements along the way.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about free self-help books:

  • Q: Are free self-help books reliable and trustworthy?
  • A: It depends on the source and the author of the book. Some free self-help books are written by reputable and qualified experts and authors, while others are not. You should always check the credentials and background of the author, and look for reviews and feedback from other readers, before reading a book.
  • Q: How can I find the best free self-help books for me?
  • A: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as different books may suit different people and situations. However, some general criteria that you can use to find the best free self-help books for you are: relevance, quality, readability, and reviews.
  • Q: How can I read free self-help books on my smartphone or tablet?
  • A: There are several ways to read free self-help books on your smartphone or tablet, such as:
    • Downloading the books in PDF or eBook format and opening them with a compatible app, such as Adobe Reader, iBooks, or Kindle.
    • Reading the books online using a web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.
    • Using a dedicated app or platform that offers free self-help books, such as Nook, Kobo, or Wattpad.


Free self-help books are a great way to learn and grow without spending money or time. They can help you improve your personal or professional life, cope with various challenges, or achieve your goals. You can find and read free self-help books from various sources and platforms and apply the tools and tips from the books to your own life. We hope this guide has helped you find and read the best free self-help books for you. Happy reading!

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